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A will is a documentary instrument by which a person regulates the rights of others over the testator's property or family after their death.

A will is not the same as a living trust!

Advantages to a will Disadvantages to a will
Easy to set up
Wills become public record upon probate. The process invites disgruntled heirs to contest your will and can expose your family to unscrupulous solicitors.
There is no need to transfer any property into another entity for the will to be valid
Probate lawyers, not your appointed executor, often control the actual distribution of your property. This can be costly and unpleasant.
You may name a guardian for minor children in a will
A will doesn’t provide for transfer of property should you become incapacitated

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Estate Planning

At the Law Offices of Robert Schwartz, we recognize that every client's situation is unique, and we therefore do not engage in "one size fits all" estate planning. We invest the time necessary to get to know our clients, including the nature of their assets, their family dynamics, and their desires and objectives. We carefully tailor every estate plan to accomplish our client's goals while minimizing potential tax consequences. Our areas of representation include:

Wills, Living Trusts and Related Documents in Stuart

We prepare individually tailored estate planning documents including:

Revocable Living Trusts

A living trust is a separate legal document created during your lifetime which allows you to specify who will manage the assets of the trust and who will receive the assets of the trust as beneficiaries after your death. During your lifetime, you are typically named as both the trustee and the beneficiary of the trust, ensuring that you still have complete use and control over your assets. As the name implies, you can revoke the trust or make changes to the provisions of the trust during your lifetime.

A living trust offers certain advantages over a simple will:

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