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Client Portal Services:

How and where to store copies of important documents, like your Trust or Last Will and Testament, is a question frequently asked in estate planning.

You want to keep your documents somewhere safe and protected, but in the event of an emergency, you need them close at hand.

The Law Offices of Robert D. Schwartz, P.A. now offers the solution for keeping copies of all of your estate planning documents and other important information. That solution is called Client Portal Services and it is now available to you.

Save All of Your Estate Planning Documents on a Secured "Cloud" Server

Upload a Personal Organizer

Receive Electronic Communications from Robert D. Schwartz, P.A., sending you e-mail notifications of new changes in the law as well as reminding you by e-mail to update your documents and personal information when necessary

How It Works

After deciding to subscribe to Client Portal Services, the client will complete a brief application to register.

Upon receipt of the completed application, the Law Offices of Robert D. Schwartz, P.A. will upload the client's documents to a secure server, where they are encrypted at twice the level of most banks' websites for top-of-the-line security.

The documents will then be available to be viewed utilizing a unique password provided only to the client. If the client wishes to allow access to other people, such as friends or family members, the client may share the secure password. The client can further restrict access to certain documents by establishing a custom secondary password, which will only apply to the documents being restricted.

The Law Offices of Robert D. Schwartz, P.A. also offers several helpful information organizers for you to compile all of your important information in one central location. You can store your asset and account information, medical information, funeral arrangements and final wishes, and other important information so that those who need it will have access when the time comes.