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A will is a documentary instrument by which a person regulates the rights of others over the testator's property or family after their death.

A will is not the same as a living trust!

Advantages to a will Disadvantages to a will
Easy to set up
Wills become public record upon probate. The process invites disgruntled heirs to contest your will and can expose your family to unscrupulous solicitors.
There is no need to transfer any property into another entity for the will to be valid
Probate lawyers, not your appointed executor, often control the actual distribution of your property. This can be costly and unpleasant.
You may name a guardian for minor children in a will
A will doesn’t provide for transfer of property should you become incapacitated

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Estate Planning.

A Revocable Trust should be the cornerstone of every estate plan.  Many estates need only a Revocable Trust for an effective estate plan.  For larger estates,  the Law Offices of Robert D. Schwartz, P.A. can assist in the utilization of more complicated estate planning techniques, such as Generation Skipping Trusts, Irrevocable Trusts and Charitable Giving Techniques.  These techniques are unique and must be specialized to each individual estate.

Your family's long-term interests are important to you. They’re also important to us. Consulting with an attorney to create an effective estate plan is a wise investment that may, in the long run, save your family both time and money.

Estate and Trust Administration.

Dealing with the death of a loved is hard enough.  When the difficult task of administering an estate is added, the situation can become overwhelming.  The Law Offices of Robert D. Schwartz has helped many families during such times.  Our goal is to make a complicated process run more smoothly.  We accomplish this goal by always being available to the client and in making sure that the process is handled timely and efficiently.

Durable Family Power of Attorney

This legal document allows a family member to handle your finances.  This is an important document that everyone should have to guard against incompetency.  This is different than a normal power of attorney, which becomes invalid upon incompetency.

Health Care Surrogate

This legal document allows a family member to make health, medical and surgical decisions for you if you become incompetent or disabled.

Living Will

This legal document tells your family doctor to terminate life prolonging procedures when you are terminally ill.

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