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Why should you hire a real estate attorney?

Real estate transactions, from the purchase or sale of your home to refinancing your mortgage, are likely to be the largest investments and most complicated transactions that you will enter into. Real estate contracts are legally binding agreements and are the most important element of any real estate transaction.

An attorney can represent your interests in all types of real estate transactions. Real estate agents aren't always looking out for your best interests. Their primary responsibility is to sell your house or help you purchase a new home. The title company's main responsibility is to close the transaction and issue title policies. The advice and guidance of an attorney is beneficial to both buyers and sellers. The Law Offices of Robert D. Schwartz, P.A. are able to offer you the services of an attorney in your real estate transactions for only $575 for the buyer and $775 for the seller. With an attorney representing you in the transaction, you gain valuable peace of mind.

The Law Offices of Robert D. Schwartz, P.A., has handled numerous real estate transactions ranging from small condominium sales to multi-million dollar commercial transactions and has been doing so for over ten years. Let their expertise work for you.

Buyers in Florida

A real estate attorney can answer many of the questions that arise in real estate transactions and ensure that your rights as a buyer are enforced. An attorney can assist you with matters such as:

Sellers in Florida

Here are some of the things an attorney can assist sellers with in the home buying transaction: